• Constructed of 1/4" Solid Steel Plate
• Engineered & Built to FEMA 320 Specs
• Additional Protection of Ventilation Areas 
• Handicap Accessible Door - 34” x 72”
• Six (6) Point Door Locks 
• Primed Painted White Inside & Outside
• Weighs Approximately 2,000 Pounds
• Door opens inward so you won’t be trapped 
   inside if blocked
• Standard sizes are (height is inside     clearance): 4’W x 8’L x 6’3”H - 4’W x 6’L  x   6’3”H - 4’W x  5’L x 6’3’H

• Installed on your concrete slab foundation

• Bolt holes are drilled into the concrete

• Bolts are inserted in each of the drilled holes and tightened in place.

• Installation normally takes approximately two hours.

• From purchase to installation is typically from one to two weeks. 

Multi-Purpose room

thund32Protection from Tornadoes, Storms and Severe weather.

panicSaferoom may be used as a panic room  for  protection from intruders.

lock32With the secure lock option our saferoom will protect your Valuables. 

handi32Handicap accessible in the 4x8 with standard or box seat, and the 4x6 with              standard seat. 

The service area for our individual safe rooms include numerous states in the Southeast. Please call for availability. 

Community Shelter (pdf)